Good Morning,

Late yesterday, as a parent in the Temecula Valley School District, I received an email from TVUSD which prompted that the current school shutdown will continue through to year-end. In light of this prompt, it is most likely and sensibly, that the local facilities offered by the City of Temecula may also be closed down for this period.

If this is the case, it would mean a pro-longed and unprecedented shutdown for all the youth players of Temecula Football Club, and also, all our neighbouring clubs.

Temecula Football Club is fully committed to making up for this down-time, and want to re-assure all our players, parents, and supporters, that every possible avenue of approach will be taken by our staff and coaches, to facilitate as much soccer as possible, once it is possible to return.

In the coming weeks, we invite all of our neighbouring clubs, all of our neighbouring recreational programmes, to engage in healthy and enthusiastic dialogue, to look to agree to arrange friendly scrimmages, not-for-profit mini-tournaments, mixed-club fun-game events and more, re-engaging with our local soccer community first and foremost, with a view to keeping overheads down, parking costs at a minimum, over-commitment of time-requirements etc., with a major focus on getting back to participation in the game, above all else. We will look to split costs with all willing clubs to make this a balanced effort on all parts, and simply getting back to a principle of “Letting the Kids Play”.

When the time arrives, we hope that all local (and semi-local) soccer organisations will embrace this approach, agree to work alongside each other for the good of the game, and help get us all back towards the normalities of what we knew before.

In the meantime, until such time as circumstances change, we wish all of our supporters, families and players, of our club and those in the surrounding areas, the utmost of good health and safety during this period.

Yours in Sport,

Temecula FC First Team Manager

Austin Levins