‘Another Day, A Real 7-1’: How Temecula’s first match vs 1904 FC can became A turning point for the club

The goals came in quick-fire succession, the first half the Quails were already down 5-0. By the time Temecula had gathered itself, there were two more, in the second half to make it 7-0 before a penalty created the lone goal for the home team. The scoreboard at the end of the match read 7-1 to 1904 FC, at that point, you just chalk it up as another day and head back to the drawing board.

From his seat in the stadium press box, Brandon Jantz , the owner of Temecula FC can only think about what if’s and how can we move this club and these players forward so this does not happen again.

For 1904 FC, a 3rd division team in NISA, the eventual 7-1 win was well deserved on the night. Their first touch, speed, fitness and overall pace of play was to much for Temecula FC to cope with. Brandon who grew up in Temecula since the age of 5 still feels it was a great night for the hometown club. There were many things that did not go well last night on the pitch, Seven to One, will live on in my head — not as a bad memory and more as a learning experience for everyone involved. In the end we had a good turn out in the stands. Loads of youth players enjoying a night of professional football in their own backyard. Thats a win win for the community and our club. Now the focus turns to the first team and what needs to be done in order to get better results against quality sides a league above us! Then we will look to host another team from NISA if possible in the coming months and see if we can be better prepared and our players can be more comfortable and less nervous on the pitch.