Temecula FC is pleased to announce Chris Casanova will be returning for 2018/19. Chris has been a player that moved from reserve team to breaking into the first team over a year and has the drive to keep developing his game. If Temecula FC stands for anything its for players like Chris who come from…

Temecula FC is excited to announce the return of Angelo Marina for his 3rd season with Temecula FC. Angelo is a great players and person to have around the club and we have not seen the best of him yet! We hope this year Angelo will help bring the Quails to the playoffs for the…

Temecula FC youth player Jared Albaugh took over 42min to record his record of 5,116 juggles. Congrats Jared! Keep up the good work!

Temecula FC is proud to announce the return of Juan (Johnny) Verde to our NPLS squad for 2018/19. Johnny made his debute from our youth squad to the first team 4 years ago when he was only 16. It’s great to see him continue to work hard and keep a spot in the first team…

Temecula FC is pleased to announce the return of Joey Ciochetto for his 4th season with the Quails. Joey is a player loved by the supporters and for good reason. Joey gives all he has every match and comes up with a few wonder goals each year to keep the Quails buzzing! Howay Joey!

Temecula FC is happy to announce Temecula FC’s longest serving player Brent Zahn will be returning for a 6th season with the Quails! Brent is a big figure in the clubs history and we are excited he will be involved for 2018/19 as we look to make a run for the playoffs. Howay Brent!

Temecula FC is proud to announce Steven Lamberta will be returning for the 2018/19 season. Super steve has become a favorite with our youth players and supporters for his all around play. Steve brings the Quails to a different level when he is firing on all cylinders and is very exciting to watch. Howay Steve!

Eddie is a new player to the Quails and one we hope to see the best out of this Fall in the Riverside County Cup. Eddie brings a lot to the attack and is an exciting player to watch. Howay the Quails!

Temecula FC announces the return of last seasons captain Ryan Brent for the 2018/19 season. It’s great to have Ryan return to the squad as hes a key person on the field off the field and in the locker room! Howay the Quails!

Temecula FC is excited to announce Justin Picou will be returning to the Quails for the 2018/19 season. Justin joined the club half way into the NPSL season and was just finding his form toward the end. it will be great to have Justin’s leadership and maturity in the locker room and on the pitch!