Weekly update from National Premier Soccer League head coach Austin Levins.
The week has been spent dealing with potential players for the try-outs and getting some insight on their background, who they’ve played for, what positions etc.
We also secured the signing of Eric Gonzalez who has played professionally for a number of seasons. He has a lot to offer to the team and I’m really excited to see him turn out in the Quails uniform!
I’ve been having a number of one- on- one chats with the returning players about the expectation that we will have for them, both individually, and as part of the team.
The downtime I’ve had as a coach has allowed me to study a lot of topics and we will certainly be increasing our work on areas like sports psychology, mental preparation and more.
The goal for this week will be to finalise the list of players for the start of pre-season next week. Updates on current fitness levels, any potential issues that would see a player being unavailable.