COMMUNICATION: As our coaching staff got to visit QPR and Newcastle training sessions a few years back (Sorry no video/cameras were allowed in the training grounds) one key thing we really lack in our country was communication between players. There were multiple drills put on where the coaching staff emphasized the importance of the whole drill was solely communication between the defender and midfielder or the midfielder and attacker.

Our coaching staff has 💯 helped our youth players by not talking/over coaching in training and matches and have expressed the importance of the players need to communicate and make decisions. It’s also why our staff works close with our players parents not to coach from the sideline and take away the learning opportunity from their child and team.

We can only really advance the game in our community and country by doing things the proper way. Education is the key to this. Our coaching staff always keep a open mind to learning from each other. Our players are always told the same and our coaches work with the parents to also help educate them what we can do to better help their child be successful on the pitch.