Culture is like Faith. It is invisible, yet its effect can be seen and felt. When you believe in what you are doing it makes for smooth sailing. When you have no faith in your task everything is more difficult.

For Temecula FC this moment is the most difficult part of change. Culture change is often the most challenging part of the transformation. Demanding new behaviors from coaches and players  which is normal in Europe or South America but that are often very different then normal US Soccer cultures, which are historically focused on profits off their youth clubs fees or youth tournaments. Here we are trying to make our profit off first team ticket sales so we can help cover youth fees and coaches expenses as well as start to pay our first tam players a good wage. The issue is getting the players and parents and community interested in getting in the stands and supporting.

Culture change can’t be achieved through top-down mandate. It lives in the collective hearts and habits of the supporters and their shared perception of “how they want football to be viewed in the USA.” Someone with authority can demand compliance, but that wont guarantee the change we need. They can’t dictate optimism, trust, conviction, or creativity.

At Temecula FC, we believe that the most significant change often comes through social movements, and that despite the differences between the US and the Rest of the World we believe we can engage and mobilize the masses to institutionalize new societal norms when it comes to football (soccer) in our Valley.