Josiah Daniel is the youngest player to make their debut with the Temecula FC first team at age 15.

Q: You made your first team debut with Temecula FC at 15. Soon after Temecula FC sent you on trial with Newcastle United. Can you tell us about that experience?

A. Well, the experience having my debut was something special, playing a match for the men’s team. As to my experience in Newcastle, it was also very special training with an EPL academy. It was encouraging to hear positive feedback from the coach and the academy director, and it was also really cool when I was training with the older age groups of u15 and u16. 

Q: How is living in Europe as a footballer?

A. I really enjoy playing football in Europe and the culture is also very nice. Passion for football is also very noticeable, and the lifestyle is very good as well. 

Q: Do you miss the USA?

A. There are things I do miss about the USA, however I really do feel at home here in Europe as well. 

Q: If so what do you miss?

A. I would say that the USA has a great mentality to risk and achieve/dream big, something that might be a bit rare here in Europe. I really appreciate this kind of mentality. Also, I do miss friends that have been a big part of my life. And lastly, I had the privilege to grow up in the USA, so it will always be a special place for me. 

Q: How is the football in Europe different than the USA?

A. I would say that football in Europe is more technical and tactical, as the USA is more specialized in overall athleticism and physicality. One thing to consider is that football has been the biggest sport in Europe for a long time, as the USA is just starting to focus more on football. It is encouraging to see how fast the USA has improved in football, and one can be optimistic about the future of US football. 

Q: What are your goals for this season at FC Oberwallis?

A. My goals for the season is to help the team get in a great position to promotion. We were very close to achieving this last year until the Swiss government decided to close the season due to coronavirus. I also look to have a good season and to improve, learn, and achieve great things. 

Q: What position do they have you playing in?

A. I have been playing as a left or a right winger. 

Q: When you retire from playing in Europe would you consider finishing your career at Temecula FC?

A. This is a great question! That is  actually a really interesting thought to think about and consider. It is hard to say what I will plan to do in the future at this moment as I work for my next big steps here in Europe, but who knows!


Other notable Temecula FC players to make their debut at a young age are Nate Merril (15) Jord7 Verde (16) Juan Rivera (16)