HOW WE HELP THE BEST PLAYERS: Great preseason zoom call. Participants
-Will Donachie (Former Man City and Scottish International)
-Dave Watson (Former Everton and England International)
-Austin Levins (Former Shamrock Rovers and Current Temecula FC Head Coach)
-Ignacio Gachuzo (Learned from both Will and Dave and current youth director at Temecula FC)
NPSL preseason and current professional player development. Specific topics, technique, fun, Attack/Counter Attack and youth academy progress and growth under Ignacio Gachuzo was reviewed on todays zoom.
Emphasis was placed on current NPSL player standards of fitness, technique and overall ability at the professional level. Our youth program, and the plan for 2021 was transition from youth to professional level over the next 2 years.
Results of the last 8 years in player development along with recommendations for future. The promotion of our top players into the professional game and current preparation programs in place at our club to support our staff and players.