NEW DOC: Ignacio Gachuzo has been named new Director of Coaching for Temecula FC youth. ❤️⚽
I am humbly honored to be trusted with the task of growing the Temecula FC Youth program. I vow to lead the youth with love, passion and patience. There’s a lot of work to be done in giving the game back to the kids and I’m ready to make that happen. See you on the pitch!
Sincere Regards,
Coach Nacho Gachuzo
“Ignacio spent his first 3 years at the club learning from Will Donachie and the past 3 years working along side Austin Levins. Ignacio also spent time with Temecula FC coaching staff learning from Queens Park Ranger, Newcastle United and the Scottish Youth national team. I really look forward to what Ignacio can bring to the DOC role at our club”~Brandon Jantz