ISO: Amateur football/soccer players age 16-26 looking to become professional. Season October 2021-August 5th 2022 (Winter Break December 15th thru January 15th). Please have the below traits. Email your CV to
1. Concentration
2. Commitment to Excellence
3. Desire and Motivation
4. Willing to reach personal and our clubs Goals
5. Positive Mind-state and Optimism
6. Confidence and Self-Belief
8. High work ethic
9. Willing to train 4-5 days a week
Club: Temecula Football Club
Location: Temecula California
Eligibility: Age 16-26 years of age and US resident or on a long term VISA. Note we will not be adding players in the VISA process
*This is amateur status. Players will not be paid to play football. We are looking for players that would like to make the jump from college/amateur/youth to the professional level. If players excel we will arrange professional trials in the US or Europe. We have been successful with 7 players earning professional contracts since 2013.