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Fortune Firearms

Fortune Firearms is a Federal Firearm License (FFL) dealer located in Sage, a small community East of Temecula Wine Country. We provide Fire Safety Certificate (FSC), private party transfers, and FFL transfers. We coordinate firearms, ammunition, and accessory purchases, except special orders, and offer firearm training. The Fortune Firearms experiences about having access to the right tools to make a sound decision about oneself defense needs. We offer hands on firearm training for a beginner, advanced training for intermediate shooters, and CCW qualification preparation for all counties. To reduce buyer’s remorse, we have implemented a system that allows trainees and potential buyers an opportunity to try multiple firearms before they make a purchase. The firearm world is still very new to me, but I look forward to learning and growing with the community that is here to for us, and influence others to confidentially protect themselves. Website: https://fortunefirearms.com




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