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Temecula FC start using Catapult to track our players data

Delve deeper into football player performance with our advanced analysis system, designed specifically for the beautiful game. Our platform provides detailed, football-specific metrics that capture every nuance of athlete performance on the pitch. From tracking individual player movements to analyzing team dynamics, we offer insights that are essential for coaches and teams striving for excellence. Our data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions, optimizing training, and enhancing strategies, ensuring that every player achieves their peak performance. Trusted by top teams, our analysis tools are the secret behind many successful football journeys FOOTBALL MOVEMENT PROFILE Quantify the physical load from your players’ multi-directional movements. CRITICAL INFORMATION Accurately quantify physical load using six advanced intensity and movement-based parameters. RISK MITIGATION Monitor Player Load with inertial sensors to better identify the physical stress placed on your team. OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE Leverage insights to understand match demands and adapt training drills to better suit player needs.




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