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We catch up with Sabrina

1. How do I Feel about taking on the responsibility of being Temecula FC Director? I am excited for the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the club’s future. I understand the challenges ahead and view them as opportunities for growth and development. I take responsibility I have towards the club, players, coaches, and parents very seriously. As the new Director, I commit to making decisions that are in the best interest of the club’s long-term success. Overall, I take pride in the accomplishment of reaching this new position. 2. What are your short-term goals? I would like build relationships and establish effective communication amongst the coaches, players, and parents. I would also like to boost team morale and organize team-building activities and workshops. Focus on Youth Development and Review and improve youth structures and programs. Address any existing conflicts or issues with the club. By setting these short-term goals, I can build a solid foundation for my tenure as a sports director and pave the way for future successes. 3.     What are your long-term goals? Develop a Sustainable Club Philosophy and create a long-term vision for the club’s success. Build a Strong Youth Academy and invest in youth development programs to nurture homegrown talent. Promote a Strong Club Culture and foster a positive and inclusive culture within the club. I like to emphasize values such as teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. I also want to foster continuous improvement by encouraging a culture of continuous learning and development among players and coaches. 4.    What challenges do you feel will be the hardest? Some challenges I feel might be hard are dealing with elevated expectations for immediate success while working on long-term goals. Managing transitions during coaching changes or integrating inexperienced players. Building and maintaining positive relationships with coaches and parents. Managing the high expectations from both players and parents alike while responding to their feedback and criticism. Striking a balance between achieving short-term results and implementing long-term strategies. 5.   What would you see as success in your first year? I would like to see enhanced team performance and consistency on the field. Visible progress in the development of young players within the club. Positive feedback from coaches and players on training effectiveness. Financial Stability/ Management of the club’s budget within set limits. I would like to also establish strong relationships with coaches, players, and parents. I am looking forward to this year. Sabrina Richey Operations Manager Temecula FC




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