Quails had a fast start going up 1-0 early on but an outright implosion last night lead to a poor result. Temecula were humbled 3-1 at home by San Diego. Their already slim playoff hopes got stretched to the breaking point. Makes you wonder if the lads aren’t up for the fight.

It was as bad a night as the Quails could’ve possibly suffered. They coughed up three goals in the game after taken the lead to fall to 5th place in the Southwest Conference putting themselves in danger of missing the playoffs for the 8th NPLS season.

They stayed stuck on 3 points, and have a goal-differential of -6. San Diego leaped over Temecula up to 4 points on the season with a game in hand.

After Nathan DaRosa scored a 12th-minute header, The Quails pilled on the pressure and looked as if they would go on to score a few more before the half. It was not to be as San Diego equalized through Marcos Marin in the 43rd minute.

Then second half was all San Diego as Temecula hardly crossed the half for the final 45 minutes. Goals by John Foltyn and Jose Valenzuela finished off the match to give San Diego their first win of the season. 

The faith of the Quails season will now be determined on the road as Temecula must travel to LA, San Diego and Las Vegas before returning home June 23rd.