Love Not Money – Experiences of minor-League football in the USA.

“This club means everything to me; it’s been my life for the last 5 years 2 months and 6 days, and still is my life and my families”~Brandon Jantz

“Those who love the Non League game describe it as ‘the purest form of football’. Speak to any fan of the ‘grassroots’ game and they’ll tell you how unique the experience is. At most stadiums you can change ends at half time, hear every tackle and every exchange on the pitch and even listen to the manager’s instructions to the players. You can enjoy fresh food prepared by the very people who are serving it and have a joke with friends and family. You probably know many of the players and can meet them after the game in the local pub.

You also get to enjoy moments like young local lad Joey Ciochetto score the match winner with just minutes left on the clock. This is why we all love minor-league football!