Hi Eric,
Very likely, I will have time to chat tomorrow.   So sorry.  The nature of my job as a beer sales rep includes, on average, 10-16 hour work days.  Coupled with three kids aged from 11 through 16, all involved with their respective school’s music programs or soccer practice through the years, results in a happy dad with not enough hours in the day.
Lets start with my thoughts.
I am so devastated to hear the club is on the verge of extinction.   I believe it.  It will be hard for me to talk about because I know how much Brandon Jantz, and to an extension, his amazing family, wife Ashley, and kids, Madison, Peyton, Brooke, and Ashby (sorry about any mispellings) have sacrificed for this community.
Lets discuss what this club means to me.
It is a family.  Literally.  In Southwest Riverside County, there are so many youth clubs.  This club epitomizes what I think a soccer (football) club should be.  As a parent of a child in the youth program, I feel Cody (my B2007 son), has all the tools needed to progress into whatever he chooses.  We have great coaching and leadership in the club.  Cody has been so fortunate to have great coaches in Vincent Paccione and Ignacio Gachuzo develop Cody.   On top of that, Cody has the opportunity to train with NPSL head coach Austin Levins and Brandon Jantz.  Even better, Cody has enjoyed learning with his teammates.  Quality children with amazing, supportive parents.
That is on a personal level.
Our NPSL team and players are an inspiration!  Our lads play so hard, oftentimes against clubs with far superior financial support in far larger media markets.  Our talent pool is not the same as San Diego, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire or Arizona.  We are kind of like on our own beautiful, isolated island.  Yet, we fooking push our opponents as hard as anyone!  Think about it and the territories we are surrounded by.  We are your quintessential underdog.   I relish it as much as our players do.
Bottom line it.  Through these years, the club and staff have treated me with an open ear and heart.  Temecula FC helps keep my heart beating.  For example, on Fridays, at World Headquarters, we talk about everything, EVERYTHING, not just football.   I wake up looking forward to Friday early afternoons, usually with Coaches (owner) Brandon Jantz and (youth and NPSL head coach) Austin Levins.
We are the underdog and I love it.  Mahalo for following the club in our direst straits.  I fear the NPSL disappearing in our region.  Our lads play on a level as good as the best in San Diego, (by the way, we beat professional ASC San Diego) at a microfraction of their operating expenses.  Ask anyone in the IE.  Fact, we are back-to-back Riverside County Cup Champions.  If I had one wish, it would be to get the Southwest Riverside County region’s football supporters to come on out to a match, see for themselves, that this club is one to be proud of, to get behind, to support, to breath Temecula FC Quails.  This region loves football, at least at the youth level.  How do we get the soccer loving youths to come on out to support the best level of play in our region at a fraction of the cost elsewhere?
It saddens me to write some of this.  It also brings me great joy to reflect on what this club means to my family, and undoubtedly, other families.  I just hope the Jantz family can keep fighting for all of us, unfair as it may be, because they’ve already given so much.
Finally, the hardest part for me is, I feel some guilt for enjoying the many benefits of being a part of this amazing club, but, have I given enough back?  It hurts because the answer is no.  Every single one of us has taken some aspect of the club for granted.  Unfortunately, we are now on the brink of extinction.
Tomorrow, I will throw some Hail Mary’s.  I hope it isn’t too little, too late.
David V. Hitchcock
Go Quails, Bournemouth, Hoosiers and Colts!!!!!