Q. What are looking to get out of todays match?
A. Another strong showing from the players right across the roster. An increase of work-rate from a certain few players also.

Q. It’s a match you should win. Does that change your tactics on the day?

A. In a game where you are favourites to win on paper I think the most dangerous thing you can be is complacent. If anything tactically, it means I have to work harder on the sideline to ensure players dont go into easy mode!

Q. With only 28 days until the NPSL season opener is your starting XI started to take shape?

A. Yes, the majority of positions now have my 1st and 2nd choices locked in, theres been a few singular absences over the last couple of weeks and these players really need to give a good showing with every chance they get. I observe everything when I’m considering selections… how they handle being selected or not, how they interact with their team-mates, how a player warms up… lots of other areas that players may not think would be taken notice of. I want the squad to apply themselves as the best professional they can be so traditional areas such as diet and nutrition, punctuality, communication to the staff etc all carry just as much emphasis. The guys carry a responsibilty not just to themselves and the rest of the squad, but also to our fans, and our youth parents and players. I will not allow anyone to compromise on this area.