1. What are your plans for tryouts?

“The intention of try-outs is always to see what potential talent is out there that has an interest in playing at this level. For the returning players, it provides us with a window to see where fitness levels are at and what work is going to be needed in the pre-season.

We can assess where players are at with diet and nutrition, we have returning players who I know are already busting a gut practicing on their own or with other team-mates and that is a great sign that they are enthusiastic to get back in the team.

I met with some of the senior players this week along with my Assistant Coach AJ, who I see as leaders for this coming season. We identified some areas we can put an increased focus on this pre-season and it’s exciting for me as I head into my 21st year as a Coach. The challenge ahead feels fresh, which is how it should be!”

2. Are you looking to add new players? If so what positions do you need to fill?

“I think it’s important to bring some new players in every season as there needs to be an air of freshness in what we do on all fronts.

Until we have the players show up, it’s difficult to identify specific positions. As I learned last year, a player may give a commitment to me right now, but work or studies or a family situation may mean losing that player so even finalizing the squad will be done with more caution than last season. 

I won’t commit myself on anyone until I know they are 100% on board with our philosophy and approach, and that they are prepared to give everything it takes to be successful with the Quails this season.”

  1. What prep will the team be doing for the upcoming Riverside County Cup match October 6th?

“Good question! On meeting the players during the week, one of the policies we laid down was to set benchmarks for our pre-season build-up. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s an exciting prospect for our approach to pre-season. I am particularly happy because we have integrated the players’ thoughts and opinions along with our coaching philosophy and it’s certainly created a buzz already for those involved.

As with all game preparations we will be working on fitness, stamina, speed, agility and quickness. There will be increased emphasis on the technical work and we have mapped out what we will need to do tactically so as to improve on last season. With all of this in mind, we are aware of the psychological approach that we need to instill into the players in order to have the right mind-set for the Riverside Cup games. We have to keep on our toes as the defending Champions and with there being more teams involved, we cannot afford to take anything for granted!”