Q: How do you prepare yourself this week for the upcoming Riverside County Cup match vs Toros Neza USA? A: I feel my best way to prepare for any game, especially one that means a lot to the club, is just focus on the things I feel that I needed to work on most from our preseason matches. I will be working on my handling and slowing down the play and making sure my distribution is spot on.
Q: Temecula FC won the cup last year. Do you feel that adds more pressure to win it again? A: Yes and no. Yes because I wasn’t part of the team that won it, so I feel being back with the club I need to step up and make sure we retain the cup. No, because I approach every game the same, that way I’m comfortable and relaxed and I’m not putting to much extra pressure that’s not needed. I use that confidence and attitude to help my teammates feel the same, so we all go out and have fun and enjoy the game.
Q: Why do you play football? A: I play football because it’s the best way to go out and have fun and feel like a kid again with my buddy’s. I love the game so much and being able to play and share that with so many people makes life feel good.
Q: Whats your favorite part of playing for Temecula FC?  There are many eyes on Temecula do you feel pressure? A: My favorite part of playing for TFC is the family dynamic. It’s family own and operated and seeing how much the kids enjoy it makes it 10x times better especially being a father myself. It’s so amazing to be at training and or matches and seeing all the kiddos wearing their TFC shirts and cheering us on! I think with everything we do we want to do great, so as athletes knowing that so many eyes are on us it adds a little pressure but ultimately just makes playing that much better!
Q: The Temecula FC supporters group The Dirty Birds is know for being very vocal and demanding of the players on the pitch. How do you as a player respond or deal with the demands of the supporters? A:

It’s amazing to hear them cheering and banging the drums all game and cheering us on. I look at them like they are family and their cheering and demanding us to preform only makes us work harder. Without them I am sure there are times we would have mentally shut off, but they are a constant reminder that we need to give it our all til the final whistle.