Q: How do you prepare yourself this week for the upcoming Riverside County Cup match vs Toros Neza USA? A: As one of the only players coming from San Diego, preparing for the game is a little different than others. Self motivation and consistency in my training schedule is important. Working hard on my fitness and ball work after coaching my own club teams has been a perfect routine for me over the past couple months.
Q: Temecula FC won the cup last year. Do you feel that adds more pressure to win it again? A:Yes there will be more pressure, teams will  want to knock the defending champions off the top spot. But as a team we have prepared and are ready and waiting for any challenge that comes before us.
Q: Why do you play football? A:  I play the game because I love it. It’s hard to explain, but when I’m not playing the game something isn’t right. I was close to giving it up after a knee injury, but every day I woke up I could feel something was missing. The game brings me happiness it’s that simple.
Q: Whats your favorite part of playing for Temecula FC?  There are many eyes on Temecula do you feel pressure? A: My favorite thing about playing for Temecula FC is being able to play the game I love with a great group of guys who are just as eager as me to get better and succeed now and in the future. I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform at the highest level I can.
Q: The Temecula FC supporters group The Dirty Birds is know for being very vocal and demanding of the players on the pitch. How do you as a player respond or deal with the demands of the supporters? A: The fans are one of the many reasons this game is so beautiful. The Dirty Birds are loyal and vocal and expect a lot which we as a club need to match. I myself am a very vocal player on and off the pitch and I believe they have seen that in the games I’ve played in. I battle and play every game as if it is my last because I know one day it will be. The fans can feel that and should respect any player who leaves their heart on the field every time they play.