Q: How do you prepare yourself this week for the upcoming Riverside County Cup match vs Toros Neza USA? A:  Being prepared for a big game requires a great amount of effort, which includes eating healthy, sleeping early, training hard and lastly, being mentally ready for this huge battle.
Q: Temecula FC won the cup last year. Do you feel that adds more pressure to win it again? A: There is no pressure because we are team with talent and are ready to take on this challenge. To be honest, the pressure is on them as we have had a couple of successful match results over the past few weeks. We are looking forward to continue our success at the Riverside County Cup, and so forth.
Q: Why do you play football? A:  I play football for the love and passion for the sport. It has taught me many qualities as an individual, including responsibility, discipline, character, and integrity.
Q: Whats your favorite part of playing for Temecula FC?  There are many eyes on Temecula do you feel pressure? A: My favorite part of playing for Temecula FC is the vibe at our stadium. I have great pride in wearing the shirt for our supporters. I do not feel pressure at all. Actually, I am motivated to play and represent the club on and off the field.
Q: The Temecula FC supporters group The Dirty Birds is know for being very vocal and demanding of the players on the pitch. How do you as a player respond or deal with the demands of the supporters? A: As a player, I have the responsibility of entertaining the fans at every game. It is my job to have a stellar performance and give our supporters what they want.