Q: How do you prepare yourself this week for the upcoming Riverside County Cup match vs Toros Neza USA? A: Preparation for this week is staying hydrated, consuming nutrient foods, easing off on heavier food as the week progresses. Also, have good intense workouts with the ball Monday and Wednesday with aquatic therapy for recovery. Taking the rest of the week super light. Go on a small jog/stretching/foam rolling thursday and friday. (Just enough to break a sweat)
Q: Temecula FC won the cup last year. Do you feel that adds more pressure to win it again? A: There is always pressure when teams are trying to beat the Champion. However, I leave that aside and focus on our game plan, putting my energy towards the team and the game!
Q: Why do you play football? A: It’s my passion and it’s also my getaway from real life. I use to get unplug from life and live a dream during every game.
Q: Whats your favorite part of playing for Temecula FC?  There are many eyes on Temecula do you feel pressure? A: Playing for Temecula is playing for our hometown. I’m a local citizen to the area and couldn’t ask for anything else. Of course there is pressure because we need to give results to our supporters, without them we’re nothing! It’s very important for us as a team to perform as professionals.
Q: The Temecula FC supporters group The Dirty Birds is know for being very vocal and demanding of the players on the pitch. How do you as a player respond or deal with the demands of the supporters? A: I use that energy positively, It’s my job to perform for our supporters and we give them what they want! However, It’s very important to not get distracted by the supporters and just focus on the game.