SPEED OF PLAY: We take a look back to when we sent Wade Hamilton on trial at Stoke City! The biggest challenge with American players going abroad on trial is the speed of play. It’s also the biggest issue we have with players moving from youth to National Premier Soccer League. It’s why its so important that we introduce top 16-18 year olds to our NPSL team.


It was an awesome experience! The training was intense and a lot faster than at home. That’s always what people say is that the speed of play is faster and I finally experienced that. I got along with the players well and the coaches too. The training facilities were good the fields were grass and I felt that I got better in two weeks! Haha. Over all great experience. I would like to go back over the atmosphere is way different compared to at home. Thanks Brandon!

Wade Hamilton

We work every session with our youth to make sure their speed of play (decision making) is a priority as it is a must in professional football! Interested in joining Temecula FC for opportunities like Wade? Here is our tryout link: https://app.soccerstub.com/events/temecula-fc-youth-tryouts