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Learn about Temecula FC Youth Development Philosophy 

We spent time with Brandon Jantz Temecula FC Coach and former professional player to find out what sets Temecula FC a part.

Temecula FC is known for being a club of homegrown talent. Some of the most notable players to come through the Temecula FC Youth System are Teague Anderson, Josiah Daniels, Byron Rivera and Juan Verde. Temecula FC is a club that is not afraid to give young players an opportunity to start playing, and loves to see their youth players climb the ranks and debut in the first team. Former professional Brandon Jantz, gives us his take on the Temecula FC Training Philosophy, football, and his time playing and coaching with top professionals worldwide.

“When players are young, winning is not the most important thing. It’s having fun and developing that is the most important”


Q1: What are some of the key components of the Temecula FC youth development philosophy?

Jantz: When they come to the club at age 7 or 8 years, we work with them day in and day out… Temecula FC coaches are very happy to put on extra sessions during the week to help players to the first team squad. Being in Temecula which is outside of LA and San Diego it’s important we develop our own talent.

What we’re doing at Temecula FC is a lot of technical stuff – passing and receiving, dribbling, passing balls, receiving balls, things like that.  The most important thing I think is to master the ball. Technique, Technique, Technique. Then we give the youth a lot of free play to develop free thinking and creative players.

Q2: What are your thoughts on football and how it should be played?

Jantz: Well I love creative attacking football that is played at a fast pace. I think fans are such an important part of the game and they need to be entertained. Players that can play 1 and 2 touch football but can also take players on 1v1 and get into the box and scores goals. I think each and every player has their own individual style about them. I feel it’s important you pick players that can play the style you want to play. 

Q3: Who have been the most influential players you’ve played with or against? 

Jantz: We’ll that is a hard one. I’ve been blessed to play with and against some top professionals. I’d say playing alongside Steve Nicol was a great learning experience. Steve had won almost everything as a players. From the English top flight to the European Cup. He really helped me develop a better understanding on what it took to win matches as a pro. Playing against Dunga I’d say was an eye opener. I can see why Brazil trusted him as captain. He was a very hard tackling defensive mid that was hard to beat 1v1. 

Q4: What coach has been the most impactful in your life? 

Jantz: For me working alongside Will Donachie has been an amazing experience. Will’s understanding of the game and player development has been invaluable in my coaching progression.  Being able to work day in and day out with a coach that has managed English Premier League teams and worked with top International players has helped me as I work with the talent in the Temecula area. 

Entering the 2021-22 season, Temecula FC is looking to grown to fill out all birth years 2016-2002 on the boy’s and girls side.