Youth Academy

With a focus on developing world class players and people, Temecula FC Youth Academy provides a professional pathway for elite players with the potential to become a NPSL player for Temecula FC.

Originally launched in 2016, Temecula FC youth Academy is a valued program that not only allows greater access to the game, but is guided by a collection of globally successful coaching staff. 

Entering the 2019-20 season, Temecula FC Academy is looking to grown to fill out all birth years 2011-2001 on the boy’s and girls side. As the growth of Temecula FC Youth Academy continues, its players will continue to work hard to proudly represent Temecula FC in the NPSL.

Boy’s Coaching Staff



 Girls Coaching Staff



Temecula FC Youth 2019 Academy Registration Fee is $650

Uniform costs $143.78 (Players on average keep their uniform for 2-3 years)

Training Gear $49.37 (New each year)

Monthly Coaches Fee ranges per coach but range from $20-$55 per month (Contact to get info on your desired team)

Tournaments $? depends on how many and the cost of the tournament (each team is responsible for tournament costs)

League Ref Fees $ 35-$55 per player for the fall season depending on birthyear  (each team is responsible for ref costs)

So cost to play for Temecula FC ranges from $850.00-$1,393.15 on average.

*The costs are not a gurantee as it will very depending on if you need a new uniform. Your coaches fees. How many tournaments your team does. The difference in ref fees for youngers/older teams. If there are parking fees for league games. So the costs could be a little higher or lower but will be close to the range above.

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Temecula FC Youth Teams


2011 (Looking to build a team)

2010 (Looking to build a team)

2009 coach Nyema

2008 Red coach Vince Paccione

2007  coach Ignacio Gachuzo

2006  coach Austin Levins

2005 (Looking to build a team)

2004  (Looking to build a team)

2003  (Looking to build a team)

2002  coach Juan Verde and Byron Rivera

2001/NPSL reserve coach Brandon Jantz


2011 (Looking to build a team)

2010 (Looking to build a team)

2009 (Looking to build a team)

2008 (Looking to build a team)

2007 coach Roweena Levins

2006 (Looking to build a team)

2005 (Looking to build a team)

2004 (Looking to build a team)

2003 (Looking to build a team)

2002 (Looking to build a team)

2001 (Looking to build a team)

Jr Quails Academy $50 registration and $20 per month coaches fee

Mike Bettencourt C. 978-866-0332



Temecula FC 100 Club

Temecula FC 200 Club Andrew Gardiner

Temecula FC 300 Club Jared Albaugh