Internships can give your sports career the jump start it needs. There are a bevy of reasons why an internship is beneficial to your career in sports. Here, we’ll discuss three primary benefits: learning opportunities, networking, and competitive advantage. Contact

Learning Opportunities

The primary goal of this internship is to gain exposure to the basic inner workings of a minor league soccer team. Depending on your own skills, experience, needs and available projects, your responsibilities could vary greatly. 

  1. Media Manager – social media build-up etc.
  2. Equipment Manager aka ‘Kit-Man’ – Before and After in the Dressing-Room
  3. Home Team Physio
  4. Away Team Valet
  5. Referee’s Valet
  6. PR Announcer
  7. Video Analyst
  8. Video Commentator
  9. Celebrity (Player) – Pundit
  10. Food Vendor
  11. Tickets Sales at the Gate
  12. Ball-Boy Co-Ordinator #1
  13. Ball-Boy Co-Ordinator #2
  14. End of Game Co-Ordinator


Greatest benefits of this internship is experience and the networking connections you’ll make. An internship is the perfect way to make yourself a known quantity to a potential employer. During your stay time Temecula FC, you’ll likely have the chance to meet employees of clubs in our league. These contacts will prove invaluable, not only as your start your career, but as useful advisors to tap into throughout your career.

Competitive Advantage

Finally, an internship will provide you with an edge over your competition. With so many young professionals trying to get into the industry, a quality internship on your resume will give you an instant leg up.