The news of fan ownership and Will Donachie the former Man City and Scottish National team star buying shares in the club have brought renewed excitement around the valley.

Baked in sun of Temecula Valley is the minor league team with a bright future and massive potential.  The new direction in fan ownership is also a microcosm of the project at Temecula FC, where international influences both on and off the pitch will guide the Temecula Valley club forward for season to come.

Not since a 2013-14 campaign has there been more than one owner at the club. That ended with Vince Paccione stepping away from his ownership to pursue other interests in his life and leaving Brandon Jantz as sole owner. Since then the club has grow on and off the field and is the longest serving club in the NPSL Southwest Conference.

“It’s an understatement to say it’s been a rollercoaster growing the game in the valley,” Brandon Jantz says. “It’s been a big challenge, but we’ve worked through it.

“It’s been tough planning long term but with this new option of fan ownership I’m sure we will be building a very successful football club on and off the field in the coming years” I’m looking forward to the insight and collaborations that come with have fans more invested and voting on important issues in operations.


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