Temecula Football Club hopes to improve during bye week

Temecula — It’s the bye week for the National Premier Soccer League football program.

The Quails can look at the week off from games this weekend as a perfect time to take a break, heal up injuries and refocus players on the final stretch of the season and the overall goal of the club.

For the Temecula football team, it’s a chance to also add a few players to the roster.

The Quails do need the midseason bye as a physical break. Veteran players will get an extended rest, while the younger players get extra work to prepare for the second half of the season. The Quails might also look to re sign Teague Anderson who has just returned from college duty. 

Temecula Football Club will return to training on Monday with a U-23 vs First Team match that will serve good for both sides as the U-23 will start their season the following weekend and the First Team can look to stay sharp leading into another must win match vs High Desert May 18th at Chaparral.