Q: How were the fitness levels?

A: Fitness levels were pretty much where we had assessed during the week. We knew we’d be making a good few substitutions as the intensity we are asking the players to play at has increased significantly. We really need games like this to have the players understand the level of work they will need to put in outside of our team sessions, to get to the levels we are aspiring for.

Q: Did any new players impress you?

A: We had a few new players out and a couple made an impact. But I think any one of the hundred plus supporters that were there, would be delighted with the impact made by 2 of our substitutes. Matthew Esposito has been in with us as a development player for a while now. I’m sure its been frustrating at times for him, wanting to be more involved in games at times, but he had a Man of the Match performance in my eyes with his 2 Assists and overall effort and work rate.  And anyone involved with the club or team will know that its been a long road to recovery for young Ben Rose. To make a comeback like he did in the game was just pure joy to watch. We have always told our players we will be patient with anyone who suffers an injury and help them get back to playing at their best when possible and that was a bit of magic for me personally, to watch happen.

Q: What will be focused on in next weeks training?

A: Fitness will be Top priority, the players now have a better idea of what our new formation and overall teamplay is going to be about. Our defensive and offensive shape will be worked on in every session well into the season. Our supporters got a great taste of both the positives of whats ahead and the negatives we have to overcome to win games during season. We have more returning players back this week which will enhance the squad further and add to the competition for places! Its all about #forwardmotion in 2022 for this team!