“Well to paraphrase one of our club songs ‘Here We Go Again’! I’m delighted to be part of this new tournament which should bring some headlines for the wonderful football community we have in this valley. The Valley Cup will be a great way to promote what we do as a club, and showcase the many talents we have in our First Team squad. With it being such a local rivalry, this will be a Derby game to write into the history books going forward. Murrieta SA have some ex-players of ours so I’m sure there will be some elements of wanting to get one up on each other out on the field! Being that there is a Home and Away aspect to the games, nothing can be taken for granted before, or, after the first game, so it will be very exciting for the fans to come and support and be our ’12th Man’. This is another great initiative taken by the club to grow the game in the Temecula Valley and Inland Empire region as a whole and it just goes to show that when clubs come together to work with each other, we can achieve great things!”